Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

These terms and conditions govern the Meridian Cruising Cancellation Policy (the “Cancellation Policy “) available to Renters through the website (the “Site”).

Each party has the ability to cancel at any time. The fee schedule will be determined on when the cancellation occurs in relationship to the reservation dates.

·       Any reservation can be canceled 4 days or more prior to the rental start time in local time (EST) for a full refund.

·       Cancellations within four (4) days before the start of a rental in local time (EST) are non-refundable.

Extenuating Circumstances

Some examples of acceptable extenuating circumstances

·       A booking is within 150 miles of a named or numbered storms.

·       Safety related cancellations stemming from the event of lightning, thunderstorms, heavy rain, or heavy wind within eight (8) hours or the time the of the scheduled rental.

·       Death in the family

·       Natural disaster

·       Political Unrest

·       An issue with the Boat that causes your rental to end prematurely that is deemed to be the responsibility of the owner. For such occurrences when the vessel is hired for multiple days a cancellation will be processed, pro rata, for the remainder of the rental if the condition is not fixed within 20% of the total remaining rental time, calculated from the first tender of notice to the owner regarding the condition, which has made the vessel inoperable.

·       Owner cancellation, no-show, or no access to the boat. In this case, the boat owner may be subject to penalties.

·       A problem arises during rental that causes the Renter to end the rental, and is determined to be due to the negligence of the owner. In this case, the boat owner may be subject to penalties.

Controlling Law

This Cancellation Policy will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and the United States of America, without regard to its conflict-of-law provisions.

Contacting Meridian Cruising

If you have any questions about the Cancellation Policy, please contact us via